Hiro Takahashi

The year 2020 was very different from any other year we have known. The world was invaded by Covid-19, and we faced lockdowns and many restrictions. The cancellation of so many ceramics fairs and art trails was not only sadly disappointing, but made me feel very low and almost robbed me of motivation. What saved me was Rocky, the Border collie puppy who came to live with us in March. Our old domestic arrangements were thrown into chaos as we adjusted to puppy toilet training and frequent dog walks.

These happenings interrupted the constant Covid-related worries and prevented depression from gaining a hold. Taking Rocky to places I had never visited before and discovering the wildness and beauty of nature brought fresh inspiration to my ceramic work. On so many occasions we saw the mellow golden lights of the sun sparkling through trees and leaves and felt the glow of the sunset filling the sky. I wanted to capture that beauty. In the woods, ancient trees and tree trunks displayed unique shapes and textures. Their asymmetrical, abstract forms led me in another direction when creating my ceramic work. The experience of walking deep into the woods, encountering wild animals and finding old ruins more than ever enriched my narrative approach. I would like to take my work to a higher level of spirituality and creativeness in 2021.